Reviewing Policy & Contact

In the beginning of each review there will be a photo of the book that is being reviewed as well as a few quick facts, such as title, author, publisher, number of pages, and how the book was obtained (Ex. ARC, Loaned, Bought). There will be a very brief synopsis of what the book is about and then we will go on to review the book in different areas that we would like. Although we do not like saying bad things about a book, we will do so if needed because we value honesty in our reviews and wish for our readers to get the most out of them. At the end of each review we will assign a rating to the book. The ratings are on a scale of 1-5 and are as follows:

1 - Hated it. Not even worth borrowing.
2 - I didn't like it. Barely worth borrowing.
3 - I liked it. Worth borrowing.
4 - I really liked it. Worth buying.
5 - I loved it! Buy a copy!

If you are interested in having us review a book for you, please read below....

If you would like us to review a specific piece of literature, you may send a request to the below e-mail. We also have a poll on the front page where you may vote for what book you would like us to review next.

If you are a publisher and wish for us to review a book for you, please contact Emily at At this time, Emily, Hannah, and Justine are all able to accept hard copies of a book. However, Emily is willing to accept electronic versions of a book, seeing as how she has a Nook. The electronic version must have the capability to be put on the Nook.

We will accept fiction books to review, although that does not mean we are adverse to reviewing the occasional non-fiction book. We also tend to lean toward the Young Adult genre, so please keep that in mind if you wish us to review an adult book even though we are more than willing to give it a go. We are very hesitant to reject any request for a book review, but we reserve all rights to make that decision. If there is a book that we receive that we simply cannot finish or is not to our taste (which I must tell you is seldom), we will still work out something other than a review, such as an excerpt on our blog or an author interview.

We do not charge any monetary compensation for our reviews, however we do require you to provide a copy of the book you wish us to review. We are not an affiliate for any book retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, and any links you find on this blog are simply to provide a book search and we do not receive any commission for the sales of the books.

Unless there is a due date negotiated for a review, we will use our own discretion as to what book we will review first. Please keep in mind that the majority of our reviews are of our own books that we wish to share our thoughts on. We can typically read your book quite quickly.

Our reviews are posted on Shelfari, Random Buzzers, and this blog. If you would like us to put our review on another website, please include that in your request.

Please remember that our reviews are meant to be critical. We will give our honest opinion of a book and do it in the nicest way possible. Our reviews will be in our words only and nothing will change that.

We would LOVE to read your book!