Thursday, June 16, 2011


Welcome to The Readable Kingdom! I'm Emily and I would like to give you a brief introduction about myself.

I am a reading fanatic, and I'm proud to say it. For the down time in my classes, I always have a book, and now more recently, my Nook, in my bag to pull out and read. I am completely open to any book recommendations. I love building my own personal library with fantastic books. I like walking by my bookshelf and seeing a book that I read awhile ago and reimagining the story all over again. Maybe I will pick that book up tonight and re-read my favorite parts.

I truly cannot comprehend the people who say they hate reading. Not having time, yes, but not wanting to absorb themselves into their true passions? It appears to me then that they really haven't found the books that they love and wouldn't be able to stop thinking about. Once you do that, you find your way to truly appreciating the feeling of turning that last page of a beloved book with the contentment of a satisfying ending, or the complete obsession you have to go on the internet and either order or look up all the information possible on the next book. When a book makes you feel everything that the character is feeling, whether it be love, pain, or heartbreak, and you feel your own heart race along with them, that is when you find something truly special. Something you care about. Something that takes you away from your own world for some time and then sends you back to find your own story.

Hopefully we will have some reviews up ASAP. We have read SEVERAL books and have SEVERAL to read, so stay posted!

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