Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Question of the Week: Bookshelves

Everyone has a different way of organizing their bookshelf. Some like putting them in alphabetical order, others arrange them by color, size, or even genre. Whichever way a book nerd organizes their books is specific to them.

How do you organize your bookshelf? Is there any particular reason you organize it that way?

Hannah: I organize my bookshelf by placing them in alphabetical order, based on the author's last name. I also separate my books based on the ones I've already read and the ones I still have yet to read. First, I have all my books I've read in alphabetical order, and then I have the ones I have yet to read in order by which ones I want to read least to the ones I want to read most. It's helpful for when I finish a book and am going to start another one because I can just pick up the last book on my shelf.

Emily: My shelf is primarily organized by author, and within that, the books in a series are grouped together. Otherwise, I have become so pressed for space that I have to place books where they will actually fit. I try to keep things grouped together, but sometimes it isn't possible. My bookshelf already is two deep, and books are even stacked sideways to get them to fit. Hopefully, though, I should be getting another bookshelf for Christmas, which is much needed! I also organize by what books I have yet to read. The books that need to be read are on the very bottom shelf in the very front.

Jessica: I organize my bookshelf by author. I like placing my books in alphabetical order because that's how a library organizes their books. There's nothing more satisfying than a well-organized bookshelf with each book placed in its proper spot. Also, when books are organized by author, it gives more credit to the writer.

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